Monel Wire Mesh is an alloy with 67% nickel and 23% copper, making it resistant to seawater and steam at high temperatures. Fars Wiremesh is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of Monel Wire Mesh. They procure raw materials from the most committed resources. They supply the best quality wire meshes as per the need of the customers.

Monel wire mesh stays strong against acids like HCL and H2SO4. However, with copper as their primary content, they are unfavorably affected by ammonia as well as nitric acid.

Monel 400 Wire Mesh

Monel Wire Mesh has consistent mechanical properties at subzero temperature, are comfortable to weldability, has high yield strength, are tensile, and stress corrosion resistance. They are weak when exposed to annealed conditions; however, with foreign elements and better heat treatment, their strength can be increased.

This mesh is utilized in marine engineering, freshwater and gasoline tanks, hydrocarbon and chemical processing equipment, crude petroleum stills, pumps, valves, fittings, shafts, and fasteners. They are also applied in De-aerating heaters, industrial heat exchangers, chlorinated solvents, crude oil distillation towers, boiler feedwater heaters, and other heat exchangers.

Properties of Monel Wire Mesh:

  • Good mechanical properties at subzero temperature.
  • Good weldability.
  • High tensile and yield strength.
  • Stress corrosion resistance.
  • Low in strength in the annealed condition, usage of foreign elements, and heat treatment helps to increase the strength.

Applications of Monel Wire Mesh:

  • Marine engineering
  • Chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment
  • Gasoline and freshwater tanks
  • Crude petroleum stills
  • De-aerating heaters
  • Boiler feed water heaters and other heat exchangers
  • Valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, and fasteners
  • Industrial heat exchangers
  • Chlorinated solvents
  • Crude oil distillation towers
Monel Wire Mesh
MeshWire DiameterWidth of OpeningOpen Area
(Per Linear Inch)
8 x 80.0280 in0.0970 in60.20%
10 x 100.0250 in0.0750 in56.30%
12 x 120.0230 in0.0600 in51.80%
20 x 200.0160 in0.0340 in46.20%
30×30.011 in.022 in44.8
30 x 300.0130 in0.0203 in37.20%
40 x 400.0100 in0.0150 in36.00%
60 x 600.0075 in0.0090 in30.50%
80 x 800.0055 in0.0070 in31.40%
100 x 1000.0045 in0.0060 in30.30%
120 x 1200.0036 in0.0047 in32.26%
150 x 1500.0026 in0.0041 in37.20%
200 x 2000.0021 in0.0533 in33.60%
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