Copper Wire Mesh Sheets

Fars Wiremesh is a topmost manufacturer and a high-end supplier of copper wire mesh. These wire meshes are woven by utilizing copper wires with 99.9% Cu purity.

Copper wire meshes possess electromagnetic and thermal conduction properties. They are highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion. They are anti sparkling in nature, have low tensile strength, are deprived of wear and tear and they darken after some time period.

Brass is also an option for copper wire mesh as it has similar properties and good durability. However, electrical conductivity of brass wire is significantly lesser than that of a copper wire. The copper wire mesh is primarily utilized in Chemical industries, Construction business, Electromagnetic interface and in Radio frequency interference shielding.

High Quality Copper Wire Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh Screen Size

Opening/linear inchWire DiameterWidth of OpeningOpen Area
2 Mesh0.0631.600.43711.1076.4%
4 Mesh0.0471.190.2035.1665.9%
4 Mesh0.0631.600.1874.7555.9%
8 Mesh0.0280.710.0972.4660.2%
10 Mesh0.0250.640.0751.9156.3%
12 Mesh0.0230.5840.0601.5252.4%
14 Mesh0.0200.5080.0511.3051.8%
16 Mesh0.0110.2790.05151.3067.9%
16 Mesh0.0180.4570.04451.1350.7%
18 Mesh0.0170.4320.03860.9848.2%
20 Mesh0.0160.4060.03400.8646.2%
24 Mesh0.0140.3560.02770.7044.1%
30 Mesh0.0130.3300.02030.5237.2%
40 Mesh0.0100.2540.01500.3836.0%
50 Mesh0.0090.2290.01100.2830.3%
60 Mesh0.00750.1910.00920.2330.2%
80 Mesh0.00550.1400.00700.1831.4%
100 Mesh0.00450.1140.00550.1430.3%
100 Mesh0.00220.0550.00780.19860.8%
145 Mesh0.00220.0550.004690.116846.4%
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